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Kurosaki Ichigo LJ community

Unless I grip the sword, I cannot protect you

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o n e  w h o  p r o t e c t s

Welcome, fellow Strawberry fans!

Are you a big fan of this part-time bad boy Shinigami? Or maybe you like how he looks or love how he has a sexy way of rolling the R in Rukia's name? Perhaps you just love him because he's Ichigo? Well then, you've come across the right place!

This community is the BRAND NEW official center of the one and only Kurosaki Ichigo of the amazing and drama-filled manga and anime, dedicated entirely to him.

Taichou parle
Fukutaichou mellie

Upon joining, there are the following rules to take into consideration:
  • Introductory posts are not needed, but welcomed

  • All downloads MUST be placed in locked entries

  • This community is Ichigo-centric, please stay on topic; anything otherwise will be deleted

  • Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, but remember to please be civil with everyone else; dolts and flamers will not be tolerated, while constructive criticism is loved

  • Anything and everything is acceptable fan-work wise (fanart, fanfiction, AMVs, FSTs (fan-made soundtracks), icons, etc.), as long as it is about Ichigo

  • Large images, fanfiction, and icon batches are to be put under an LJ-Cut; preview images are allowed as long as they are not

  • No |337 please

  • Please label any possible spoiler and/or mature material; the rating must always be posted with yours or another's fan-works

  • DO NOT disable comments; the next person who does, their entry will be deleted

  • When posting the works of others, have permission beforehand, and/or give credit where it is due

When posting fanfiction, please use the following format:

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Leave a comment here; greatly appreciated! And if you have any concerns, questions, or anything else, you can contact us @ parle[@]livejournal[.]com or keyacko[@]yahoo[.]com